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Process + People = Productivity

By coaching and recruiting lean thinking people, and by developing leaders and teams that are focused on better process outcomes, we enable your business to unlock its profit potential. Real time and sustainably.

Some of our typical performance improvement outcomes


DIFOTIS Improvement from 91% to 97%


Sales conversion rate from 18% to 36%


Productivity improvement

We offer

Lean thinking business

By helping business to develop a lean thinking vision, strategy and culture, our clients embed continuous improvement into their way of doing business for accelerated and sustainable productivity improvement, as well delivering greater customer value.

Waste reduction

We eliminate waste from core processes and focus on value to save cost and increase productivity.

Process stability and flow

By eliminating non value-adding activity we reduce lead times, increase reliability and predictability, and maximise the synchronous flow of all critical processes.  The outcome is faster process completion and higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Harmonising technology

We ensure that people, process and technology work seamlessly to achieve the highest possible productivity gains.


Developing leaders

We develop process leaders that coach and develop lean thinking team members that create continuous workflow improvement.  Effective lean thinking leaders develop and sustain a naturally curious culure that actively seeks out and solves problems.

Managing change

We work with leaders and teams to ensure that change is embraced and continues to occur.

Sourcing the right people

We help our clients to both develop and source the optimum talent for the most effective lean business outcomes.

Smart choice

With over 25 years of commercial and leadership experience in operational and business leadership, management consulting and recruitment, we have the range of skills and experience to make positive impacts with speed and precision.

We have over 12 years experience in process and productivity improvement.

We have post graduate qualifications in Competitive Systems and Practices (Lean), and tertiary qualifications in Personnel Administration (HR) and Vocational Instruction (training).


Broad industry specialisation

Our commercial and industry experience includes:

  • SMEs and corporates
  • B2B and B2C
  • Warehousing and inventory
  • Services
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • ICT
  • Medical devices and technology
  • Pharmaceuticals and health care
  • Construction and building products
  • Lighting
  • Transport
  • Trades
Industry Experience

Business benefits

By engaging Blakemoresource, your business will do more with less.

  • Develop a more highly skilled, stable and motivated team
  • Establish a problem solving culture
  • Reduce waste and rework to improve flow, cost,  customer experience and ultimately profit.

We engage on a project basis which achieves accelerated and sustainable business capability and productivity improvement.







Satisfied clients

Our team conducted a KAIZEN Event to improve our productivity of assembling kits for surgeons and increase capacity to meet increased demand from our customers and were at risk of missing our DIFOTIS targets. Under Scott’s coaching and goal setting we designed and reengineered new processes and physical layout of the business unit. We applied lean thinking criteria to the project under 4 guiding principles ; Velocity, Utilization, Flow and Visual Management. The planning phase took 4 weeks and the execution 3 days. The result was an incredible 36% productivity improvement with the same resource – the effect immediate. We also reduced our customer complaints/disputes by over 60%. Scott’s style and approach ensures the learning is shared for the long term.

Mark Coupland

Device Technologies Australia

We started to utilise Scott to implement LEAN into our organisation earlier this year. Within 3 months we had almost doubled our efficiency within the sales team and decreased our cost to serve by almost 20% (operations). I have already been actively referring Scott to other business owners I know who may more to get more “out” for less “in”.

James Russell

Managing Director, Citymove

We employed Scott on a contract basis to diagnose the operational and quality issues affecting our factory in Lae, PNG which was significantly underperforming and at risk of losing a major contract. After a 4 Day site visit Scott summarised his observations and experiences and summitted a report to the Board with recommendations for immediate action. This included a major organisational restructure throughout the Group including the  Pt Moresby factory, and the sourcing of new talent in key senior management, operational and technical roles. His diagnostic of the current state as it was, was spot on, as was his management consulting advice throughout the past 12 months in the execution of the plan, the company has responded and recovered above expectations. We look forward to having Scott support us with other projects well into the future

Mark Sage

Executive Director, Paradise Foods

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